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Title The Art of War (PB)
Author Sun Tzu(Karen McCreadie)
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ISBN 9788173142123
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Description Sun Tzu's The Art of War has provided strategists with essential advice on battlefield tactics and management strategies for more than two thousand years. In recent years The Art of War has become a cult book for business leaders and is regarded as essential reading for global entrepreneurs seeking to master strategy. The book has also, unsurprisingly, had a huge influence on military planning both in the East and West. Assuming you donít necessarily have any countries to invade or plan to lay siege to any kingdoms in the foreseeable future author Karen McCreadie interprets Sun Tzu's strategies for the debatably less dangerous pursuit of business. This brilliant interpretation of Sun Tzu's work is not a substitute for the original. Its purpose is simply to illustrate the timeless nature of Master Sunís extraordinary insights by bringing them to life through modern business case-studies.