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Title Vanishing Shagrila
Author K N Raghavan
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ISBN 9789385269677
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Description Tibet is considered as the state that inspired James Hilton to create the fictional valley of Shangri La, a paradise on earth, in his famous novel "Last Horizon" which was published in 1933. This lamaist state, which was cocooned inside Himalayan mountain ranges and shunned contacts with the outside world, underwent considerable turmoil and transformation during the second half of the twentieth century after Communists came to power in Beijing and brought it under their control. Dalai Lama, their spiritual and temporal leader escaped to India in 1959 and ever since there have been two Tibets, one located within the People's Republic of China where Tibetans are fast becoming a minority and the other located outside comprising of the émigré community led astutely by Dalai Lama. Efforts at finding a solution that would lead to return of the community in exile back to Tibet have not found success as yet. In this comprehensive and compelling work, the author traces the history of Tibet from the close of the nineteenth century when the thirteenth Dalai Lama assumed charge, detailing the structure of the society and the major events that took place through the years. ===="History of mankind teaches one that struggles for upholding the dignity of human beings have never met with failure; sooner or later the principles of liberty, equality and justice have triumphed over the brute forces of authoritarianism and injustice. More powerful empires than the nation states existing in the world today have been brought to their knees in the past by popular struggles. Tibetans should find sustenance from these historical facts as they struggle through their winter of unhappiness; the season of spring filled with success and cheer is bound to follow, sooner than later." - His Holiness the Dalai Lama